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war against terror and pakistan

hello world…

i am a pakistani and proud to be a pakistani… pakistan is facing terrorism today

pakistan is also suffering like other countries of the world .. but no country in the world suffer as much as we have suffered..we faced bomb blasts, we lost our 36000 lives in this war.. parents lost their children, children their fathers, mothers, but our army is still fighting,pakistanis are still suffering,  just to save the lives of  other innocent people of the world, people like “YOU” but world has labelled us ”TERRORISTS”.. talibans are killing us on the other hand we face ”drone attacks”.. in salala check post attack our soliders lost their lives,   where are the human rights activist ??? i want to ask which country is sacrificing more than pak?? pakistanis are sacrificing their homes, lives but still innocent paki are ”TERRORIST” we want justice.. justice from the world…